"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse LOL
"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse LOL
Getting that morning yawn in.

More than likely your horse has made you LOL on multiple occasions. They are silly animals when they want to be. One of the greatest relievers of stress is laughter, so make sure to thank your horse when he has you rolling on the ground with happy tears streaming down your face. Does your horse engage in any of the following funny behaviors?

1.  Horse Yoga: I’m talking about the funny poses your horse does when he is stretching. If you’re familiar with yoga, you might have seen him do a downward facing dog pose. He might also stretch out his neck or hind leg. They all look so silly!

2. Scratching: Some horses get themselves into some really awkward positions when they have an itch. He may lift a hind leg and scratch under his belly or swing his head all the way around to get his back.

3. Fart: You may have already fallen victim to being farted on. Horses love to let out some gas when you go to pick out their hind hooves, or so it appears. They also like to gallop around the field kicking and farting as they go.

4. Droopy Lip: He’s sleepy or relaxed and isn’t afraid to show it. Have you seen a horse drooling? Some get so comfortable their lower lip hangs and a trail of drool comes from their mouth.

5. The Over-Reactor: You know, the dramatic horse…. He’s the one who leaps over the puddle of water or can’t wear the blanket you bought for him. He is full of funny moments. You can’t help but laugh as he thinks everything will eat him.

Horses have a way of making people LOL when they least expect it.

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