"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Love

Sure, at some point you’ve wondered if your horse loves you or, at the very least, cares about you. You might feed him, clean his stall, and make sure he is properly exercised, but does he see you as anything more than a personal assistant? Well, it’s time to find out if you have his love!

1. Comes When Called

When you go out into the field and call your horse, he should come to you. This is a sign he wants to spend quality time with you. You must have a good bond!

2. Follows You Around

If your horse follows you around the field or in the arena, then he’s showing you he likes your company. It’s also a sign of respect!

3. Nickers And Whinnies

You know your horse is happy to see you when he whinnies for you! When you pull in the driveway or begin walking to his pasture and he calls out, then you can rest assured he loves you.

4. Work Ethic

Does he work hard for you and really try? Your horse wants to please you when he cares about you. Furthermore, he’ll act more confident and less spooky when he really trusts that you’re there to protect him.

5. Hugs You

In the herd, horses face each other and hook necks to show affection. It’s basically a hug! Maybe you’ve seen your horse rest his chin on your shoulder or embrace your arms around his neck, that’s a sure sign of love.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing your horse cares about you. A horse’s love is the best kind to have!