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Laughter is the best medicine! If you’re in need of a good laugh, then these horse memes are waiting for you. Horse owners can be so silly. They have their own language. Your non-horse friends may not understand these jokes, but your barn buddies will. Make sure you share them and enjoy the endless giggles.

Horse Memes

All riders know this horse- the one that has no boundaries. They’re always sniffing for a treat or begging for a scratch.

Most agree in the horse industry that mares can be a handful. This picture sums it up perfectly!

Once that horse bug gets you, you’re hooked for life. Too bad you’ll never see a paycheck again!

Riders sure do love to talk about horses. That’s the truth!

Who can relate to this? It’s so hard finding a good horse sitter (or maybe they’ve all been scared away).

This one is so true! Exceptions and reality can be far off.

Hopefully, these horse memes brightened your day!