Horse Field Mug by ALEXCLARKART on Etsy……

It’s a well-known fact that horsewomen enjoy their morning and afternoon coffee. Because most are early risers, it only makes sense that they’d need a boost of caffeine to get them going! These stunning mugs are the perfect choice for horse lovers. You can sip your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on these cold winter days!

Horse Mugs

Inspired by the wild horses of the Outer Banks, this mug has a beach appearance with blue and tan colors. It holds 2 1/2 cups of your favorite beverage.

Corolla Coffee Mug, $30.00, shorefirepottery

The earthy tones of this horse cup make it a stunning piece! It’s homemade and crafted from ceramic.

Horse Cup, $26.00+, Undertheseapottery

Here’s another beautiful option that was inspired by wild horses! These mustangs are roaming the western prairie. This large piece holds 16oz.

Coffee or Tea Cup, $58.00, MollyPitcherCo

Crafted in an Ohio studio, this cup is a lovely blue color with a brown horse that pops. Stoneware clay was used in the handbuilding process of this piece.

Ceramic Mug, $34.00, sagerocky

You could be sipping your hot beverage of choice in a gorgeous mug. It doesn’t get better than that!