Letting go of a horse can be hard! Whether they were your favorite lesson pony or the first horse you truly bonded with, each leaves a hoof print on your heart. If you’re like me, you probably spend time wondering what happened to your beloved equine partner. You might want to see if you can buy them back, or maybe you’d just like to check and see if they landed a good home. Whatever your reason, sometimes you just need to catch up with those special friends!

Find a Horse From Your Past

Purina Mills offers an online program to help riders and owners locate their former horses. By joining their Facebook group, you become one of thousands set out to reconnect with their past horse.

It’s simple:

  1. Join the nationwide group on Facebook
  2. Upload a picture and some information on the horse you’re searching for
  3. A few will be selected by Purina to appear in special ads

For more information check out their website: Find Your Old Friend

Check out the story of April and her horse Dixie. Warning…make sure there’s a box of tissues near you!


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