Summer is a favorite season among equestrians. It means blue skies, the warm sun, and lots of riding! These horse photos are scenes almost out of a dream. They include summer moments that most horse owners can relate to. Use these photos to inspire a picture challenge of your own. Get creative and capture your favorite scenes!

There’s nothing cuter than a foal sleeping. This little one is taking a snooze out in the pasture. When you think of summer, do you visualize foals playing out in the fields and enjoying the sunshine?

This time of year usually means lots of green grass and turnout time. My horses just love it! What about yours? Furthermore, the weather is warm enough that the ground dries up and there’s less mud.

Most equestrian bucket lists have riding on the beach at the top! It’s the perfect activity for summer. The salty air, sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and plush sand to gallop in make it a dreamy experience.

Perhaps, you enjoy this season because it’s rodeo time! Whether you watch or actually ride in them, rodeos are fun events to see riders and their horses perform.

And lastly, bring out the saddle and go for a ride… Long, sunny days give you more time to make it out to the barn and practice your barrel patterns.

There’s something special about summer! What do you enjoy most about it? Share some pictures of your favorite moments!