Horse Resolutions
Horse Resolutions
Use the new year to connect better with your horse!

Some may strive to lose weight or finish a new book, but cowgirls welcome a new year a little differently. They set resolutions that will help them work towards being better horsewomen! Let 2019 be your best horse year yet. Now’s your chance to set some obtainable (and even wishful) goals for the new year. Here’s some of my favorites!

  • Share your horse knowledge and help a newbie get started
  • Attend clinics and advance your riding skills
  • Save money by working off some of your board
  • Teach your fidgety horse to stand patiently
  • Start saving for a new horse trailer
  • Explore new trails
  • Conquer one of your riding fears, such as galloping across a field
  • Take time to enjoy the barn more
  • Strengthen your muscles to become a better rider
  • Develop a fitness plan to get your horse in better shape
  • Try your hand at a new discipline like archery or mounted shooting
  • Volunteer at a horse rescue
  • Clean out your tack box and sell unwanted items
  • Make your barn more eco-friendly
  • Create a schedule for farrier and vet appointments
  • Download a program to manage barn finances easier
  • Clean up your fields and make them safer

The best way to create resolutions is to think about how you can become a better rider, horse owner, and barn manager. Think about goals you’ve always had and make them a reality! Examine problem areas in your life and set out to find solutions. Lastly, always remember that it’s important to slow down and enjoy your horse too!