4th of July

The 4th of July is a fun holiday filled with fireworks, parades, and cooking out on the grill. It can also be a scary time for your horse. Talk about sensory overload! Keep them safe this Independence Day by preparing ahead of time.

There are several types of fireworks that can create loud bangs and flashes of light. Some horses may be fine, but others can panic. It’s your job to put your horse in a safe spot and monitor their well-being through the activities.

Know the Events Going On

Talk to your neighbors about their plans. You may not be able to stop them from lighting off legal fireworks, but you can keep your horses away from their property while it’s happening.

Furthermore, check out local events in your area. You should know the dates for when the firework shows are happening, so you can act accordingly.

Keep Them Inside on the 4th

Your best approach to avoiding a terrified horse may be to leave them inside for the night. Leaving them outside to run around can be dangerous! It’s easy for your horse to injure themselves when they aren’t thinking straight.

Some horse owners turn on a radio and fans to bluff out the sound of the fireworks, as well. White noise can be very distracting!

If they can be kept inside, then double check your fencing. Ensure they’re securely fenced in and try to put them in a smaller paddock. You can put hay in their run-in shelter to encourage them to stay inside.

Desensitize Them Ahead of Time

Horses that are accustomed to loud bangs and flashes of light will likely do better this 4th of July. Horse owners can attend bombproofing clinics with guns, roadside flares, sparklers, and more. When practiced in a safe environment with others, this can be a great experience.

Ultimately, some people will need to sedate or tranquilize a nervous horse. There are mild pastes and herbal products that can take the edge off.

You know your horse better than anyone. Take the time to make sure they’re comfortable and safe this holiday.

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