"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Show Hacks

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Show Hacks

Horse shows can be hectic. From the days before the show to the moments before you enter the ring, it’s essential you bring your A game. Your checklist is probably pages long, so it’s time to take a deep breath. Over the years, fellow riders have been picking up neat hacks to make show life easier. If you need a few tricks and tips, then you’re in the right place.

1. Pledge repels dirt and acts as a leather cleaner.

2. Baby powder is the perfect alternative to white spray. It can be used on legs or even your horse’s face.

3. Spray your horse’s hooves with WD-40. The dirt won’t stick!

4. Use a stall chain to hang blankets, saddle pads, or horse boots on.

5. You can use a syringe filled with water to flush your horse’s mouth out and prevent green foam.

6. Fabric softener left on fake tails makes them extra soft and static-free.

7. Baby oil can be used on your horse’s face to get that finished look. Try to avoid long hours in the sun though.

8. Try cutting pool noodles down to fit inside your boots. They will help them stand up and not collapse.

9. Cut a piece of sandpaper down and secure it to your stirrups. Your feet won’t slide out as easily.

10. Olive oil on leather helps to hide scratches.

There’s more than likely a horse trick or tip for every known equestrian problem. Ask the locals around your show scene for their favorite hacks. Share some of your best secrets!