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Over the years of competing, you’ve likely collected quite a few horse show ribbons. And while many riders hang theirs on a wall or toss them in a box, others get creative and make a keepsake. They create pillows, wreaths, blankets and more! Have some fun with it and design something to display. Each memento will be filled with memories of your shows.

Check out these cool ideas. Some riders got very crafty!

How about a comfy pillow keepsake! You can display it on a chair, your bed or in the barn lounge.

You can even make a stuffed animal, such as a horse or teddy bear. Kids will love something to remember their first show with.

You can also combine ribbons to make a picture frame. In the center, place your favorite photo of that show season!

If you have a lot of ribbons, then a blanket may be the perfect idea!

And lastly, a wreath is a great keepsake to display at the barn or your home.

A few companies offer services to transform your ribbons into keepsakes. You can also try a DIY project! Go ahead and bask in your glory… Your blue ribbons deserve to be shown off!