Horse storage boxes

Designing your own storage boxes makes getting organized exciting! How fun is it to take an ordinary box and turn it into some chic?

Here are four boxes to try recreating at home for every level DIYer.

This horse print storage box is made with cheap IKEA boxes and some stamps.

Get the full tutorial on Horses & Heels.

Take a wooden box of your choice, stain or paint, and horseshoes to make a simple caddy or tray for storage.

If you aren’t up for the task, you can buy this from Horseshoe World on Etsy.

Make a stylish and simple snaffle bit box with tiny horse bits, leather, and a box of course.

Get the full tutorial on Horses & Heels.
Wood looks great with this black design. Recreate your own with some wood burning tools, or fine point black ink pens.

Not up for the DIY? Buy it on Wayfair.

(Originally published in April 2016).