"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Surfing
"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Surfing
Would you try horse surfing? PC: Pinterest.

Are you looking for a rush? How about the wild, adventurous sport of horse surfing! This extreme sport, also known as horse-boarding, requires two people, a horse, wakeboard, and water. Talk about some fun in the sun! If you’re up for a challenge and some hard work, this might be the sport for you.

What is Horse Surfing?

You’ll need to be near a body of water to try your hand at this sport. A quiet horse and the proper equipment is also a requirement. A rider will gallop their horse through the shallow portion of the water, while a surfer is pulled behind. It sounds rather simple, but it’s actually quite tough!

Surfers can perform tricks and stunts similar to those found in wakeboarding. I hope you’re not afraid of speed, these guys go fast. If you think you’ve mastered the skills, then try your luck at a competition. They are quickly gaining popularity.

This great sport is all about horse power and the water. Participants can combine their love of horses and wakeboarding in an extreme challenge of balance and courage. Check out this sport in action!