"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Talk
"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Talk
Excuse me… I have something to say!

I’m sure every horse owner has wondered at some point what their horse would say to them if they could talk.

Some horses would be quite the character, while others would have very little to say. If given the chance, you might just hear the following words come out of your horse’s mouth…

1. Apples, carrots, cookies… I know you have them! Give me. Give me.

2. I kicked my sister because she was trying to steal MY hay. I warned her to leave it alone, but she wouldn’t listen.

3. It hurts all over! I can’t see, I can’t walk, I can’t breathe…Maybe we should skip going on a ride today.

4. You’re late, you’re moving too slow, hurry up! My breakfast needed to be in my belly as of 10 minutes ago.

5. No, I just CAN’T go through that puddle. I’m saving us. We could both fall right in and never come out.

6. Ahhhhhh! Run, run, run. It’ll eat us. I know I saw a monster in the woods.

7. That mud feels sooooo good. I’m sorry, did you want me to stay clean after that bath? I thought you just liked playing with the hose and water.

8. You tell that vet, if she comes back over here with any more needles…That’s it, I’m losing it on her!

9. Will you stop kicking me? I know you want me to trot, but I think we should go slow and enjoy the scenery.

10. That feels good, yes right there, keep going… Scratch a little higher, now to the left, right, up, down.

I’m pretty sure my horse would have a lot of words to exchange. What about yours?

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