Unique Horse Tattoos for The Courageous Cowgirl

Horse lovers with a rebel soul need to check out these stunning tattoos!

September 24, 2018

A gorgeous realistic drawing of a horse! (PC: Pinterest)

Tattoos are artwork! They can signify a passion or former memory. It’s only logical that tattoo-loving cowgirls would want horses on their body. What better way to remember your favorite barrel racing horse, childhood pony, or trip to the barn than with a shoulder, ankle, wrist, back, or chest tattoo. There’s endless possibilities!

PC: Pinterest.

How neat is this rearing horse? Creativity can go a long way when deciding on the perfect piece.

PC: Pinterest.

Watercolor tattoos are just beautiful! It’s like a painting on the skin with brush strokes. This piece reminds me of a fierce Arabian…such stunning faces they have!

PC: Pinterest.

Talk about realism! This life-like tattoo makes it seem like the actual horse is right there. It’s a great option for those that have a very special horse to remember.

PC: Pinterest.

Could you imagine this simple, yet creative tattoo on your shoulder blade? How about on your ankle? The classic black ink makes it the perfect choice!

PC: Pinterest.

Another impressive option! The shading on this tattoo is definitely worth noting.

There’s so many different types of tattoos. Find some inspiration and get creative!

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