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Spur of the Moment, $3.96+, Amber Marie Portraits……

It’s time to mail out your Christmas cards! For those that participate in this holiday tradition, it can be a lot of fun to send and receive this snail mail. Why not combine your love of Christmas and the barn with a horse-themed one!

Enjoy These Horse Christmas Cards

Simple yet beautiful, this bay steed is draped in Christmas greenery. The card is like a watercolor painting!

Holiday Horse Card, $22.00+, Shop Pony Macaroni

How cute! This clipart horse is tasting a snow flake.

Snowing Horse Card, $5.00+, Ontko Design

Don’t be afraid to make your friends and family laugh!

Funny Horse Card, $4.17+, Gemma Duffield Artwork

This card is very unique- it’s 3D. And you can show off your cowgirl pride!

Pop Up Card, $8.60+, Tresor Valeur

Any donkey owners? This cute card was made for you!

Donkey X-Mas Card, $4.47+, Imogen Louise Design

These Christmas cards will put a smile on everyone’s face!