Horse Thief Soap Co. cowgirl magazine
Photos are courtesy of Horse Thief Soap Co.

After a long day of hard work and riding, nothing feels better than a long shower. I love trying new soaps and scrubs with unique scents. I found these soap bars from Horse Thief Soap Co. and just had to share them.

One-Trick Pony soap features horsetail, alfalfa, rhassoul, green tea, sage, and lavender.

The Horse Thief is a craft beer soap made with tobacco and oats.

This manly soap is called Squeakin’ Clean Cowboy, it promises to leave your guy fresh and clean.

Espresso, bourbon, and oats combine to make this Bourbon Barrel Stout. It’s another wonderful craft beer soap to try.

Be sure to check out the rest of the soap online at Horse Thief Soap Co. for more great combinations.