Cowgirl - Issues

The beloved equine industry is being tested with countless welfare issues being thrown its way. As an equestrian, it’s essential you update yourself with the latest news. Find out how you can make a difference and work toward resolving these conflicts. Organizations have risen up to demand support from those in politics and even the general public. Now’s your chance to fight the battle you believe in.

1) Unwanted horses: Many unwanted horses in the United States are healthy, but have become a burden to their owners because of limited resources, such as money and space. In 2007, it was estimated that 170,000 horses were unwanted. That number has gone up considerably!

For more information check out: The Unwanted Horse Coalition

2) Wild horses & burros: Wild horses are being removed from federal lands to make grazing space for livestock. Over 45,000 wild mustangs are stockpiled in government holding facilities.

For more information check out: American Wild Horse Campaign

3) Horse slaughter: Going hand-in-hand with the number of wild mustangs and unwanted horses, the debate to open horse slaughter facilities in the United States continues to roar. The issue also deals with the transportation of horses over the border to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

For more information check out: Equine Advocates

4) Soring: Intentionally causing pain to the horse’s legs or hooves in order to create an artificial gait. Despite the fact it is outlawed in most states, it’s still practiced in some barns.

For more information check out: The Humane Society

5) PMU horses: The urine from pregnant mares is used as an estrogen drug for women. The mares are bred repeatedly and the foals become unwanted by-products.

For more information check out: The Horse Fund

It’s time to work together to make a difference! Some of these issues have clear solutions, while others are more messy. Are you ready to stand up and speak out?