Cowgirl - Allergies

Cowgirl - Allergies

A horse that is plagued with difficulty breathing, hives, and itchiness can be a sad sight. It can also be very dangerous and result in expensive steroids. Allergies are a serious matter that require immediate attention. What if you could help your horse naturally? Spirulina may be your answer to a happier, healthier horse!

The blue-green algae known as spirulina is filled with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It can give your horse a serious immune boost. This powerful green powder is known for helping with respiratory allergies, hives, heaves, Sweet Itch, and much more. It acts as a detoxifier and antihistamine, as well.

Spirulina should be added to your horse’s feed gradually. Eventually, a 1,000 pound horse should consume 20 grams or 10 wafers twice a day. It may take up to four weeks for results to be noticed. Horse owners are encouraged to start this blue-green algae a month before seasonal allergies are expected.

This supplement can be bought in powder form or wafers for your horse. Springtime Inc. sells the wafers in varying quantities, based on your needs. It can also be bought in bulk powder form from herbal stores or HorseTech.

Horse owners are advised to check with their veterinarian before they begin using spirulina or any type of supplement to treat allergies.