Underweight horse cowgirl magazine

An underweight horse isn’t something to take lightly. It’s important to get down to the bottom of why they keep dropping pounds. If you’re looking for some common causes of weight loss, then keep reading! These six things can cause a horse to become skinny in no time.

Top Causes of an Underweight Horse

Dental problems: An equine dentist should perform a checkup on your horse annually. In the meantime, watch out for a horse that drops feed while chewing, a foul smell, and facial swellings.

Gastric ulcers: Small, frequent meals and plenty of field time can decrease your horse’s chance of ulcers. If they have them, you may notice an attitude change and poor appetite.

Stress: Vices like stall weaving, cribbing, and pacing are good indicators of stress. Try to get your horse outside more in a herd environment.

Parasites: A dull coat, itchy tail, and lack of appetite could suggest your horse has a worm problem. Make sure to perform a fecal count and practice proper field management.

Illness: Certain diseases can make it difficult for your horse to absorb the nutrients from their food properly. Speak to your veterinarian, if you believe this may be the case.

Not enough food: Some horses just need more intake. They may burn it easily or just be hard keepers. An equine nutritionist can offer advice on proper feed amounts.

Act fast if your horse is underweight! It can cause serious health issues.