Teaching your horse tricks can be a great way to build a relationship with him. They can also be useful around the barn and even make things safer. Many tricks are just for fun, such as kisses, hugs, shaking their head yes or no, and smiling, but there are some more serious ones that are actually practical. Here’s a few useful tricks your horse should know!

  • Lower his head when you lightly touch the top of it
  • Come when called
  • Move his hindquarters away when you point to them
  • Swing his hindquarters toward the mounting block
  • Stand and wait patiently without being tied
  • Lift his hoof with a simple tap
  • Keep his hoof on a farrier stand
  • Step up on a platform
  • Pick up a dropped object (especially helpful when riding)
  • To bow, which is a great stretching exercise
  • Wait for a command before he eats his grain
  • Push open a gate with his nose

Keep sessions short and positive. They should only last for 5 to 15 minutes. Aggression and frustration can make things worse. It is wise to get some of your horse’s favorite treats ready. Watch videos online and ask trainers how to accomplish the particular trick you have in mind. Don’t forget to be patient!

Before you teach your horse anything, you must consider the outcome. Certain tricks can be considered bad behavior to some.

Share some of your favorite tricks that your horse can do!