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Vloggers have the unique task of taking their followers through their everyday life. It can be exciting for horse lovers to experience things they normally wouldn’t get to, such as a rodeo or foal being born. Some have acquired a large amount of subscribers on YouTube because their videos are so interesting. Check them out!

  1. Fallon Taylor – This professional barrel racer and horse trainer has over 217k followers. If you enjoy rodeo life and barrel racing, then her channel is a must-follow!
  2. Dale Brisby – With over 288k subscribers, this cowboy can entertain! He shows you life on the road, at the rodeo, and on his home ranch. There’s never a dull moment!
  3. Valentina Cowgirl – Catch a glimpse of this cowgirl’s exciting horse life with her vlog. Over 155k people have signed up to watch her content. She has videos on foaling, horse camping, tack store hauls, and more.
  4. This Esme – This equestrian has over 619k subscribers. She’s one of the most popular horse vloggers out there! You can watch her sprucing up her barn and trying new things with her horses.
  5. Dani The Horse Girl – Get ready to have some fun with this horse lover! She talks about a large range of topics from bareback riding and trail riding to cattle and ducks. Over 60.6k people subscribe to this vlogger.
  6. Camo Cowgirl – Barrel racers will love this vlog! 5.08k followers tag along on her riding adventures.

Vlogs aren’t just entertaining… they’re filled with valuable tips and tricks of the horse industry. You can learn a lot by following along!