Some horse owners know all to well the troubles of having a weaver in their barn. Weaving is defined as the horse swaying from left to right repetitively in place. Often right by the stall door, the horse swings his head and neck, sometimes even lifting his front hooves. This nasty habit can put strain on his tendons and joints, as well as cause uneven hoof wear.

What are common reasons for why a horse weaves?

  • Boredom with environment
  • Lack of grazing and movement
  • Lack of companionship
  • Stress or anxiety

While this vice can sometimes be easily fixed, oftentimes it can be quite difficult to cure a horse who has been weaving for years. Even if the environment is changed, any sort of trigger will send an ingrained weaver back into swaying. You must first figure out why your horse is weaving and than work from there to resolve the issue. Turnout with constant grazing is frequently a great solution. Providing more hay, a buddy nearby, a mirror in the stall, or putting up an anti-weaving grill on the stall front are also helpful fixes.

These horses are often unhappy with their environments. It is important to strive as their owner to put them in situations that are in their best interest. Trying to resolve the weaving will result in a happier horse and better companion.