Working as a horse wrangler at a dude or guest ranch can be a great opportunity. These positions can be found all over the United States as seasonal or long-term. Those that love to ride and interact with guests will enjoy the quick-paced environment that’ll keep them busy from sunrise to sunset. If you’ve ever considered becoming a horse wrangler, here’s your chance to read up on this type of job.

In order to even be considered, applicants must possess experience and a specific skill set. Horse experience is required for most positions. Other desirable attributes include hardworking, good judgement, and the ability to interact with the public. Wranglers will represent the ranch and should reflect a western image. A first aid and CPS certification is highly recommended.

Once hired, horse wranglers can expect a range of duties. They will more than likely be required to saddle and prepare horses for the guests to ride. More experienced riders will be asked to take groups out on the trails. The team will also feed and take care of the horses. Many dude ranches have visitors with little to no horse experience. It will be the job of the wrangler to instruct them and establish safety.

Other miscellaneous responsibilities can include housekeeping, food prep, cleaning the barn and grounds, interacting with children, and assisting in outdoor activities like fishing.

Horse wranglers enjoy lots of benefits. For one, they are given the opportunity to experience a new area and meet lots of people. They also can receive housing, meals, and a salary. It depends greatly on the particular dude ranch.

If this sounds like something for you, try Ranch World for job listings in the area of your choice.