Horse Yoga Girl

Yoga on horseback has proven to be beneficial to equestrians. It can improve your balance, strength, and endurance, all while calming your mind. What better way to connect with your horse! Angela Nuñez Bailey, also known as the Horse Yoga Girl, quickly discovered how amazing combining riding and yoga could really be. Take a glimpse into her life!

She offers classes both in the studio and on the farm at Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio in Flint Hill, VA. Clients can learn yoga, breathwork, meditation, and more. This can be done in person or remotely through video calls.

Check her out in action! Yoga on horseback certainly does look like a fun way to work on your confidence.

Even the horse seems very relaxed. The mental benefits are endless!

With practice, your poses can become more difficult and intense. It’s for all level of riders!

As you continue on this journey, you’re likely to learn a lot more about yourself and your horse.

Angela has definitely mastered a few challenging poses. Are you up for it?

Get inspired by this amazing woman by following her journey @horse_yoga_girl on Instagram!

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