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Horseback riders can be quite unusual to the general public. They seem to be in a world of their own. Most riders can agree there’s nothing more special than being part of the horse community. Read through these funny, yet very true statements and see how much of a horsey girl you really are!

You know you’re a horseback rider when…

You cluck to your dog, friends, or even strangers that are in your way.

You bask in the smell of new leather.

Your car in filled with buckets, halters, and saddle pads.

You have a second wardrobe consisting entirely of barn clothes.

Your bank account is always hovering around zero.

You wake up early, even on the weekends.

Your favorite hair accessory is loose strands of hay.

You’ll clean a stall in a second, but your house or bedroom is a mess.

You notice everything they do wrong in movies with horses.

Your favorite store isn’t in the mall, because it’s a tack store.

Your horse has more hair styles than you do.

Your Facebook profile picture is always you and your horse.

Your dream house has a bigger barn than home.

You have an overflowing pile of horse magazines.

You own a golf cart, but don’t play golf.

Your horse has more blankets than you do coats.

How many of these are true for you? Add to the list by commenting what makes you a horseback rider!

(Originally published in March 2017).