It’s true! Horseback riding isn’t just fun, it benefits your mind. If you want to improve brain function, then go for an enjoyable ride with your horse. It’s a no brainer! These three reasons will be the perfect excuse for you to spend more time at the barn and in the saddle.

1. Putting your phone away: Here’s your chance to unplug and get away from social media. The time you spend riding helps to you de-stress and get closer to nature. There’s nothing quite like the wind in your hair and sun on your face. Enjoy your hour or two at the barn and let your worries melt away.

2. Constantly learning: Most equestrians acknowledge that there’s always more to learn. Whether its riding, training, or horse care, the list keeps going. You can improve brain function by working through different riding obstacles and solving problems. Interacting with your horse and accomplishing your goals will keep you sharp.

3. Stay focused: Throughout your time at the barn, there will be various tasks that will require your complete concentration. Strengthen your mind by focusing on one objective at a time. Often, people try to multi-task and end up flustered.

Did you know that riding and barn time could be so beneficial to your mind? Spread the message. It’s time to ride more often!

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