It's simple, but meaningful!……

Both new and experienced horse handlers can benefit from the horseman’s handshake. It’s a simple gesture that allows you to introduce yourself to a horse. This useful tool can establish a deeper relationship!

It’s simple- with an extended arm, offer the back of your hand to your horse’s nose.  Once they touch it, they have acknowledged your presence and are accepting of your touch. If they do not touch your hand with their nose, then they may be distracted, uninterested or afraid.

It’s important to build a meaningful connection with your horse. The horseman’s handshake speaks their language. Your stretched arm represents a horse’s neck and the back of your hand simulates a non-threatening gesture. It’s as though two horses are greeting each other. It’s very common to see horses do this in the field!

Watch how it’s done! You may have already been doing this gesture without realizing it.

There are a lot of benefits of the horseman’s handshake. Not only does it build a connection, but you can avoid spooking or startling your horse. Many top horse trainers use this gesture on a regular basis!