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Your saddle pad has an important job. It must fit the horse, saddle and job requested of it. There are so many options on the market that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. They come in different materials, shapes, thicknesses and colors. When properly cared for, a good one will last you many, many years!

You can start your search with these top brands! They’re trusted by everyday and performance riders.

1. CSI

This option was designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. It evenly distributes bar pressure, the rider’s weight and impact. The contoured shape also provides wither relief.

2. 5 Star

From reiners to trail riders, this saddle pad will perform! The felt wicks away moisture and cleans up easily. It also comes in a handful of neutral and fun colors!

The Performance, Starting at $209.95, 5 Star Equine Products

3. Impact Gel

This popular pad offers non-slip and non-rollover protection. It’s also breathable and absorbs energy. The cutout wither design allows for free range of movement.

Contour Classic, $243.00, Impact Gel

4. Best Ever

Constructed from top materials to assist with saddle fit, this pad is a favorite of many. It’s durable yet soft and flexible. You can customize your pad to your individual needs.

Custom Best Ever, Starting at $235, Best Ever

What’s your go-to western saddle pad?