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Cowgirl - Change

From the outside, one might wonder about the obsession many horse lovers share. It’s an unexplained love and dedication to these magnificent animals. Their ability to shape and transform lives has millions hooked. Horses may start as a mere thrill, but in time the equestrian sees a heart of gold. The relationship you develop is what can change you!

“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope.” ― Toni Robinson


Riding is an art. It takes trust in your horse and confidence in yourself. This powerful 1,200 pound animal has a complete mind of his own. It’s your ability to work with him that strengthens your belief in yourself. Horses are quick to sense a timid rider. Many times, they rely on their owner to boost their own confidence.

As your abilities shape and strengthen and you become an experienced rider, you enjoy a higher level of fulfillment. You achieve new goals and set your standards higher. The horse world collides with your outside life and you’re no longer afraid of things you once doubted.

Physical Benefits

After you’ve spent some time in the saddle, expect strong legs, tight core muscles, and better balance. Riding is much more physical than it can appear.

Mental Support

The barn becomes your sanctuary. You can forget about school, work, and any other problems life throws your way. For that two to three hour visit, your mind is occupied only with riding. Stress can be forgotten as you sit back in the saddle and focus on the world you and your horse create.

It is no wonder that horses are used in countless therapy programs. They help troubled teens, those in army, the disabled, prisoners in jail, and many others. How have horses changed your life for the better? Please share your stories.