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Cowgirl Hotlist

Horseback riding in cold weather, through fallen leaves is one of the best parts of fall. Photo courtesy of wideopenpets.com.
It’s finally cooling down everywhere…except for Arizona and Texas, let’s be honest. For some, the cold temperatures are only a reminder that it’s a long time until summer rolls around…but for others, it’s a time to celebrate. These horses all seem pretty happy that it’s fall. What do you think?
Photo courtesy of Spring Summertime at Buena Vista.
Photo courtesy of Sasha Bell.
Photo courtesy of adventuretrailrides.com.
Photo courtesy of colorado.com.
Photo courtesy of horseshoecanyonduderanch.com.
Photo courtesy of Doug Lindley.
Now that the weather is cooling down, make sure your horses are prepared for the upcoming winter season. Here’s some cold weather feeding tips to ensure your equine companions stay healthy.