easter basket cowgirl magazine
Photo by: TwoDarkBaysShoppe……

Who’s ready for Easter? Spring snuck up on many of us! It’s not too late to fill your horse’s Easter basket with some special treats though. Luckily, they’re simple to buy for. Most horses enjoy treats and toys. They’re like big, expensive children!

Expression Grooming Tote, $13.99, Jeffers

Want to spoil your horse? Buy them a new tote filled with brushes. Most love to be groomed! This awesome turquoise one has gold marble-like lines throughout it. How neat!

Horsin Around Horse Treats, $14.40+, TwoDarkBaysShoppe

Your horse is sure to love a tasty treat! Made with ingredients like flour and molasses, they’re completely horse safe.

Epona Shed Flower, $5.95, SmartPak

This time of year your horse is likely to be extra itchy from shedding. This special brush will help you get their favorite spots.

Kong Equine Hanging Kit Horse Toy, $99.99, Mary’s Tack & Feed

Here’s a cool one! A hanging toy with treats is definitely going to be a hit at the barn. It’s made from all-natural, non-toxic rubber material too.

How about a gift for both of you?!? This saddle pad will be super comfy for your horse, which means better performance.

If your horse could, they’d be smiling from ear to ear!