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Watch your horses in the field. It's clear they can show affection to one another.……

Love can be defined is many different ways. Some would say it’s a strong feel of affection for another. Many insist they love various people, animals, hobbies, and even things. If you feel these strong emotions for your horse, then you may be wondering if they feel them back.

Can horses love?

The simple answer- horses can receive and give affection. If that’s your definition of love, then yes they experience it. It’s hard to say whether they have the same intense feelings we have though.

If you’re curious to know if your horses loves you, then consider checking out: 5 Ways Your Horse Shows You Love. A nicker or “horse hug” are just two small tokens of affection they may show you.

Horses will begin to express their fondness for you when they trust you. In that sense, they’re very similar to people. You need to be patient and take the time to build a long-lasting relationship. You can do that by simply hanging out, grooming, offering treats and rewards, and hand grazing them. Find out what they seem to enjoy the most and do it with them!

It’s an incredible feeling to have your horse’s heart! Be patient and these feelings will come.