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A horse’s love is built on trust and mutual respect. These are key elements in any relationship! Your horse might not kiss or hug you, but they can clearly show affection. You just have to know how to read and understand it.

Signs Your Horse Loves You

1. They whinny for you: Horses call out to members of the herd and feel secure around their friends. If they’re hollering to you, then they’re likely excited and happy to see you.

2. Hang out with you at the gate: Once you take your horse’s halter off in the field, do they stick around? If they linger, then there’s a strong chance they enjoy your presence and want to be near you.

3. Trust you: Is your horse willing to go through water for you? Over a bridge? Into an unfamiliar area? These are signs that they trust your judgement of the situation.

4. Rest their head on your chest: A calm, relaxed horse that wants to be scratched or petted is likely enjoying their time with you.

5. Follow you around: If your horse follows you at liberty, then they trust and respect you. They’re allowing you to be their leader.

Their love isn’t all that different from ours. They enjoy being around loved ones, they’re calm and relaxed in their presence, and offer their trust to that person.