These naughty horses and ponies aren’t afraid to make their owners angry. From tossing them off to destroying a new blanket, they know how to make your blood boil. This holiday season, does your horse deserve a special treat or a lump of coal?

Meet Some Horses on the Naughty List

The grass is always greener on the other side. This horse had no problem barging through a fence to graze.

Ponies are so sneaky! This one found the jack pot of hay. His owner doesn’t seem too pleased though.

Off, off, and away… this naughty horse wants to join the rodeo as a bronc.

Give me more grass or the kid will get it! This demanding horse will be finding coal in his stocking.

The owner was trying to keep her horse dry with a sheet. I guessed he thought otherwise.

Gotta love horses! They have a mind of their own.

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