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Georgie and her horse Phoenix have become a powerful duo in Heartland. Phoenix is mainly played by a grey Quarter Horse gelding called Jag. There’s nothing the two of them won’t sign up to, whether it’s show jumping, trick riding, or Western events. Did you know these fun facts about him?

What Breed is Phoenix in Heartland?

There is no information regarding what breed Phoenix is. Given his abilities, appearance, and character, he is likely a warmblood, sports horse type. While Spartan is almost always portrayed by Quarter Horses, Phoenix has stunt doubles of various breeds. This depends on the type of activity he performs on the show. When he’s standing around in the barn, Phoenix is portrayed by the Quarter Horse Jag. Whereas, different horse breeds do the jumping and trick riding scenes.

Is Phoenix Georgie’s Real Horse?

Despite their on-screen connection, Phoenix is not Georgie’s real horse. The horses playing Phoenix belong to head wrangler John Scott, just like the other main Heartland horses. Alisha Newton owns two horses, Aflame and Diva. Both talented jumpers, Aflame is a pinto Dutch Warmblood gelding while Diva is a bay Oldenburg mare.

How Many Different Horses Played Phoenix in Heartland?

At least 4 different horses have played Phoenix in Heartland. These include the Quarter Horse Jag, the jumping horses Conamore and Ghost, and a trained trick riding horse. According to Alisha Newton, Jag does all the scenes inside the barn. He is the primary horse playing Phoenix and also does some of the Western riding scenes.

What Happens to Phoenix in Heartland?

We first meet Phoenix in the first episode of Season 6. His owner Kendra comes to take him back in the next episode, however, the horse keeps escaping. He forms a bond with Georgie, who also ran away from her previous home. With a flair for jumping, Phoenix will become a top showjumping prospect.

In Season 13, Georgie and Phoenix return from their training camp in Switzerland. However, upon arrival, they find out that Phoenix has been exposed to a contaminated feed bucket on the plane. When Phoenix starts to show signs of disease, Ty sends some blood to the lab for analysis. The results come back positive for a highly contagious virus, putting all of Heartland under quarantine. Luckily, Phoenix makes a full recovery and is able to continue his journey towards the Olympics!

Does Eric Williams Take Phoenix on Heartland?

Eric Williams is the new owner of Kendra’s old ranch and is looking to take Phoenix back. He first appears in Season 6 Episode 17 “Breaking Point”. He intends to take Phoenix back at first, but Georgie’s brother Jeff turns up and buys the horse for her birthday.