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The beautiful island of Iceland has sand fields, mountains, glaciers, and rivers. It’s also home to the Icelandic horse. This breed is known for being hardy and sure-footed. They handle the rough terrain of their home country with ease! Icelandic horses have made their way to various parts of the world. They’re rare, but growing in popularity.

Characteristics of Icelandic Horses

  • Stand between 13 and 14 hands on average.
  • Weight around 730 to 840 pounds.
  • Come in a range of colors from chestnut and black to palomino and bay.
  • Known for their double coat in the winter.
  • Grow thick manes and tails with coarse hair.
  • Have strong and stout legs.
  • Considered a five-gaited breed, consisting of a walk, trot, canter/gallop, tölt, and skeið.

In addition to these physical attributes, the horses of Iceland are known for being friendly, curious, and easy going. They’re very patient and forgiving with beginner riders. On the other hand, they’re competitive and easy to train for more advanced students.

Enjoy this video, which highlights the breed.

If you get the opportunity to ride an Icelandic horse, take up the offer! You won’t be disappointed.