Cowgirl - Personality

Cowgirl - Personality

Each horse has a unique personality that slowly reveals itself in time. As a horse owner and rider, it can be fun to discover the characteristics of what makes your horse an individual. It can also be helpful when training and handling him. Most horses response better to tactics specifically designed for them. Have some fun and find out what kind of you horse have!

1) Eager to Please: This horse is a willing partner. He is confident in himself and responds well to a knowledgeable handler. Your aids will be listened to and you don’t have to worry about an overreaction on his part.

2) Quiet and Reliable: Here’s the best horse for an inexperienced rider. This horse is unreactive and puts up with everything like a champ. You can depend on him to get you somewhere safety. He’s slow and steady and you’ll never have to worry about a melt down.

3) Sensitive to Everything: While this horse is forward and mostly obedient, you’ll have to give clear and understandable aids to make this partnership work. Always stay one step ahead of these horses and keep things interesting, in order to avoid a bad scene.

4) Spooky and Reactive: Stay clear beginners, these horses need calm and confident riders. This horse is very reactive and can have frequent melt downs if not with the right handler. He might spook over the silliest, smallest things. This type is also known for having anxiety.

5) Overachiever: This horse tries to stay one step ahead of you. He is constantly trying to figure out what you want, so that he can please you. He’ll listen to your aids and then try to predict what’s next, which isn’t always the best thing. These horses have an amazing work ethic though.

Many horses can fall into a mix of categories and have characteristics from a few types. However, there is usually a dominate trait that consistently comes out. Try to determine what type of personality your horse has. Please share your findings!