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Your horse and dog are both special to you. While they may be completely different species, they do have some similarities! For one, they’re both incredibly lovable. I’m sure you enjoy their company equally. There are plenty of other similarity too.

Similarities Between Your Horse and Dog

  1. They both enjoy the outdoors. Some horses and dogs like to be indoors a bit more, but most feel happy being outside.
  2. They’re both food motivated!
  3. You can teach them fun tricks like how to bow or lay down.
  4. They can show you affection.
  5. They’re happy to greet you. Horses wait for their owners at their stall door or gate and dogs by the door, either way they want your attention.
  6. Most get along with a variety of animals- goats, sheep, cats, etc.
  7. You can shave their hair. Some people even trim fun designs into their fur.
  8. They both enjoy playing, especially a good run!
  9. The market is filled with unique items to buy them- brushes, blankets, toys, treats, etc.
  10. They come in a wide spectrum of breeds, colors, and sizes.

Most horse owners also own a dog. It seems the two complement each other nicely!