Cowgirl - Sleep

Cowgirl - Sleep
Have you ever wondered when and how your horse sleeps? Their sleep habits are considerably different from us! The typical horse rests throughout the day for short periods of time. Unlike us night-time sleepers, they are indifferent to the time of day.
An adult horse will rest by standing in place. Their legs are specially designed to allow them to sleep while not falling over. Sometimes lying down can actually be stressful. However, in order to achieve a deep sleep they should lie down everyday, even if just for a brief period of time. This is why it’s so important they have a comfortable place to do so. Stalls should be big enough to allow them to stretch out.
Perhaps you have seen your horse lying down in the direction of the sun? This is especially common in mild weather. Your horse will lie down considerably less in wet, cold conditions.
Typically, a horse may sleep for three hours out of an entire 24-hour day. Foals will rest for much longer, nearly half the day.
You will notice that your horse is unique in his sleeping habits. Over time, you should be able to easily identify when and where he prefers to catch the most Zzzs.