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There's something magical about horses!……

Horses can symbolize a lot of different things to people. They are friends and companions. Some horse lovers suggest that they are their spirit animal sent to carry them through life. If you’re in touch with your spiritual side, then you may be drawn to them on purpose.

What is a spirit animal?

In certain cultures and traditions, a spirit animal is seen as a teacher. They guide and protect an individual through life. Often, the person has similar characteristics of this animal guide or helper. In some situations, the spirit animal crosses your path physically, while in other cases they may appear in dreams.

Are your thoughts and actions wild or tame?

What do horses represent?

A horse spirit animal symbolizes freedom, strength, sexual energy, and passion for life! They are linked to strong emotions and a driving energy. Some people may see them as tamed and constrained, while others view horses as wild and free. You may even see them as a mix of both worlds!

There are both positive and negative aspects of this spirit animal. In general, these individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves in life and acting assertively. In other situations, your emotions may be running wild and hard to manage.

When horses continuously appear in your life both physically and in dreams, then get ready… you’re in for a wild and fun ride! Horses are there to help you grow and awaken. They will teach you about independence and responsibilities. More than anything, they will show you how to live with passion!