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Horses are wonderful teachers for kids! Not only do they learn valuable life skills at the barn, but they also stay active and spend lots of time outdoors. Their mental and physical health stands to benefit. Most people can tell the difference between a city and farm kid.

What Kids Learn at the Barn

  1. Time management: Taking care of horses and running a barn requires an effective and efficient system. You must stay organized and focused on the task at hand. Children learn to move in a timely matter.
  2. Control their emotions: Your child will need to be calm and patient when working with horses. They’ll quickly realize that fear and anger don’t accomplish much.
  3. Responsibility: There’s a lot that goes into riding and horse ownership. Kids learn to clean stalls, feed, groom, and exercise their pony or horse. They’ll have get their hands a little dirty to make it at a horse barn.
  4. Assertiveness: Riding encourages young children to develop confidence and a voice of their own. Horses require leaders!
  5. Persistence: When you don’t succeed the first time, try and try again! That should be posted in every barn because it’s absolutely the truth.

There are plenty of other life skills your child will learn around horses, as well. Signing them up for riding lessons may be your best decision yet!