Horses Teach
Horses Teach
If you’re willing to learn, horses are amazing teachers.

Horses teach valuable life lessons. They can’t talk our language, but what they can do is even better!

What’s the most important lesson they can teach you?

The answer is hard work! Young children start at an early age by cleaning stalls for riding time. After working hard all day, the biggest reward is going for a ride. As you get older, your hard work helps you advance your riding skills, win a blue ribbon, keep a barn tidy, and buy your first horse.

Every rider knows that it’s hard owning a horse. They make big messes, eat a lot, require grooming, and need exercise. Despite that, there’s no shortage of horse lovers in this world.

Why is hard work important?

It’s not just important to be a hard worker at the barn, but out in the world too. Whether you’re a student in school or a working professional, the more effort you put forth the further you’ll get. Being lazy can stop you from reaching your true potential!

At the barn, those that don’t come prepared to work usually don’t succeed. Their horses don’t get the best care, their riding hits a standstill, and others tend to avoid them.

How does your horse teach you this valuable lesson? Reflect on a trip to the barn. It probably includes getting your horse from the field, grooming them, tacking them up, learning something new under saddle, cleaning a stall, refilling water buckets, moving hay bales, feeding grain, and double checking fences…just to name a few!

Taking care of horses isn’t an easy task, but the lessons learned are always worth it.