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Photos courtesy of Madi Wagner and Savanna Kate……

Horseshoe Bend and Sedona, Arizona are beautiful places for photos! …That is, if you can brave the heights like Kelsey and Jordan did! Take a look at the photos The Lace Cactus Lady had done with her hubby, Jordan!

“Ok… so I flew TWO photographers to this location. TWO. I planned this huge trip around a photo I saw off Google (see last image for reference).

“Now before I finish this story… let me just say… I’ve booked flights for the wrong year, I’ve booked hotels for the wrong week, I once bought 8 rolls of what I thought were 1 ft long only to have a semi deliver 8 rolls of bubble wrap that were as tall as me.

“Fine print and details ARE NOT MY THING. I did absolutely NO research about where we were going. The picture on Google was pretty and I thought “that looks about 50 ft down…. I can handle this..”

“I’ll also state that I’m TERRIFIED OF heights.? So here it is.. freezing ass cold because.. who checks the weather ??‍♀️we take a 25 minute ride in an open back tour bus to Horseshoe bend. ?

“The guide says, “ be careful because it’s a 1000 ft drop….” ??????? So my husband, our photographer and the 10 people with us dressed in warm HIKING CLOTHES are hopping off this truck like we aren’t approaching the worst nightmare of our lives.

“I’m already envisioning my death before I step foot off the truck. These people are jumping onto cliffs, walking along the edge, having the time of their lives… IM CRAWLING… literally shouting, “LETS GO HOME!”

“I’m raising my voice at strangers to “be careful,” “please don’t do that.”

“I clung to my husband like it was my last minutes on this earth. So here’s our shots from Horseshoe Bend.

“I’m scared shitless and our poor photographer was climbing to the tallest rocks to try to get that perfect shot off Google. ?

“So here’s your PSA: that picture off Google is deceiving as hell!” -Kelsey Darby

Photos courtesy of Madi Wagner

…and Savannah Kate.