The other week I posted a feature on Horseshoe Wedding Decor shared how something simple as a horseshoe can have a big impact. The same rule applies to decorating your home with horseshoes. A lot of us have access to leftover horseshoes and might have a handy man in our lives that can DIY a few of these projects so achieving this look is easy. You may also purchase the items pictured here by clicking on the bold text links.

I hope this inspires you to add a horseshoe piece or two in your home.

Add a new table to your entry way like the boot table with cowhide pictured above, the horseshoes are beautiful accents.

Available for purchase at Lone Star Western Decor.

Organize your letters or hold napkins in the kitchen with this horseshoe letter and napkin holder.

Available for purchase at

If you are building a new home or remodeling, consider embedding a horseshoe into your hardwood floor.

Photo from Pennington Hardwoods Inc.

Keep your wine in check and on the counter with a snaffle bit horseshoe bottle holder.

Avaible for purchase at Lizzy & Me on Etsy.

Decorate your outdoor space this summer with a horseshoe stepping stone or two.

Available for purchase at

For entertaining try a beautiful leather horseshoe coaster, it will be a conversation starter with guests.

Available for purchase at Hill Top Leather Shop on Etsy.

Hang some horseshoes on the side of your stairs for a rustic look.

Photo found on Lizzy & Me’s blog.

Hang your towels with a simple rack.

Available for purchase at Horses, Cowboys & Indians.

Save your money for these beauties; saddle barstools with horseshoes on the base.

Available for purchase at Lone Star Western Decor.

Do you have any horseshoe pieces in your home?