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These days, there are general life hacks everywhere, but what about life hacks for horse people?

These tips and tricks will not only be useful in day-to-day farm operations, but will also reduce some of the stress that every horse owner shares. 

Horsey Hacks 

  • Spray white vinegar on manure piles to reduce your fly population 
  • Don’t throw away used dewormed syringes! Wash them out and fill them with applesauce. Give your horse a little squirt of this surprise treat every once in awhile and soon they will be eager to get that dewormer without even knowing it!
  • Rub your horse’s mane and tail with a dryer sheet if it’s looking disheveled due to static electricity. 
  • Use bailing twine to scrape off sweat after a hard workout or water after a bath, especially on bony areas that a sweat scraper doesn’t quite reach. For more bailing twine uses, check out 10 ways to use your extra bailing twine.
  • If you have a horse with a chewing problem, rub a bar of soap over the area that they tend to chew on to stop this habit in a hurry.
  • In the summertime, slip a box fan into an old hay bag and then hang the bag in front of the stall. The cord will slip right through the holes and the fan is ready to go wherever you want it. 
  • To remove hair, hay, and other debris from the Velcro on your horse’s blankets and woven wool cinches, use a metal fine-toothed dog brush.

And the most important horsey hack…