A girl can never have too many tricks up her sleeve. And it definitely doesn’t hurt if those tricks are convenient and inexpensive. Here’s yet another article on “horsey hacks” because we honestly can’t get enough.

  • Buy a few cheap brushes and screw them into an old wooden fence post, with the bristly side out, to make a scratching post for your horses’ buns that won’t ruin their tails!
  • Saturate white manes and tails with ketchup and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing out. It will make less of a mess with tails if you tie them up or put them in a tail bag during the soaking period.
  • Put apples into a full water trough to entertain horses for hours, while they try bobbing for these tasty treats.
  • Take two tennis balls and cut slits in them on opposing sides. Then slip the balls over the ends of your cross ties to keep them quiet.
  • Cut the toe out of old socks and slip them over your horse’s legs for extra protection.
  • Cover feed buckets with mosquito netting, if they will be sitting out before meals, in order to keep bugs out.
  • Apply Hooflex to hooves in the winter to keep snowballs from forming on the bottom of your horse’s hooves.
  • Freeze a few gallon jugs of water and place them in outdoor water troughs during the summertime heat to keep your water, and your horse, cool.

These hacks are simple and inexpensive, and are a surefire way to make your horse happy! So ease your mind and try testing out a few new things, besides your credit limit and your patience! Because we all know, when their life is better, your life is better.

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