Once a horse girl, always a horse girl. 

Whether judging in the Hunter/Jumper ring or wrangling jump rings in jewelry design, equestrian professional Megan Taylor’s unique creations combine her passions of horses and jewelry into Two Bay Horses Designs

Composed in subtle, earth tones or vibrant, richly colored hues, using quality gemstones and materials – the company and its collections are named after horses that have had an impact on Taylor’s life and are handcrafted by her in a manner that celebrates the freedom of bohemian style while staying true to the classic western aesthetic.

“Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” shares Taylor.  “My parents met in a tack shop, so it seemed inevitable that I would try riding at some point.  I started lessons when I was six years old and have gone on to make a career out of teaching, coaching, training, and judging in the equine industry.” 

With a lifelong interest in fashion and jewelry, Taylor couldn’t always find jewelry pieces that fit her personal style, so she was inspired to start making her own.  Buoyed by the encouragement of friends who had been gifted with Taylor’s handiwork, she realized just how much joy it gave her to see them happy wearing her creations.  

It was at that moment when everything fell into place and Two Bay Horses Designs was off and galloping.

“My goal is to design pieces that make the person wearing them feel like the best version of themselves,” explains Taylor. “Honoring the extra special horses in my life and sharing their stories has been a wonderful way to keep their memories alive.” 

If you are looking for an easy way to add a little color to a simple black t-shirt or building an outfit around a stunning signature piece of jewelry, Two Bay Horses Designs can customize pieces to fit your individual style and budget.  

Maybe they will inspire you to dream big and turn a hobby into something more.  

Discover your cowgirl flair at www.twobayhorsesdesigns.com or follow on Instagram @twobayhorsesdesigns.