Kick your heels and yell YIPPEE KI YAY for Old Gringo’s new boot collection!

The boot collection goes beyond your wildest dreams and adds everything and anything fun to boots. The collection features over 50 unique styles of boots for every cowgirl to explore their fun side.

Boots of the Yippee Ki Yay Collection by Old Gringo. Photos courtesy

These boots from Old Gringo take your breath away. From stars to stripes, broncs and saguaros, these boots embody every style. Although the stitching, buckles, fringe and studs sure are something to gawk at.

The true testament to truly unique boots is the variety of cuts. Every boot style has their own cut of the heel, toe and shaft. Some boots, like the Sintra Short boots (far right, middle), have a scalloped ankle cut. While others such as the Glamis boot (far left, bottom), feature a straight cut above-the-ankle shaft.

No matter what style of boots you love, Old Gringo will have them. Browse the entire Yippee Ki Yay Collection online at