Do you have a nervous or frigidity horse? It can be difficult to ride a horse that always seems ready to take off with you at any second. These hot horses have a ton of energy. Your goal should be to help calm them down. This will not only improve your safety, but a relaxed horse can focus on the task at hand. Ready to learn how to have a better ride?

Let Your Horse Follow Your Example

You should remain calm and confident no matter what your horse throws your way. Take a few deep breaths before you climb into the saddle. Handle your horse in an assertive way by avoiding aggression or becoming too passive. Your voice should be firm, but not angry or hold tension. And finally, stay positive by visualizing a good quiet ride.

Ride Your Horse Quietly

Once you’re in the saddle, avoid strong or loud movements. A hot horse is excitable and oversensitive. Light, quiet aids are much better than jerking, kicking, and bullying your horse. Sit deep in the saddle, keep your head up, shoulders back, and legs off his side.

Put Him To Work

Get your horse’s feet moving by doing something he is good at. This could be different figures or transitions. A bored horse can find things to spook over, but a horse that’s using his body and mind is more likely to focus on the rider and not the scary object.

Don’t forget to reward him when he calms down. You can stop the exercise and ask him to stand as a reward. If he refuses to be patient, then get him moving again.

Outside Of The Saddle

It can be a good idea to lunge a horse with a lot of energy. This can also make some horses worse though, so see what works best for your individual horse. If possible, get your horse turned out more. Field time can reduce pent up energy.

Work him in the arena on the ground. Familiarize him with the space by desensitizing him to scary objects or corners he may like to void.

Hire a trainer. Nervous horses need confident handlers. You may need the expertise of an experienced eye.

A hot horse might always have moments of anxiety or stress, but in time you can build a level of trust within each other. This bond will give your horse the confidence he needs to calm down and relax under saddle.