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If you find yourself working with a hot or sensitive horse, then you might consider evaluating your handling skills. These horses require an experienced equestrian that is patient and understanding. They are not an easy challenge, but if you’re persistent you can get a willing partner.

Follow this Advice for Hot Horses

Soft hands and legs: These reactive, hot types need a confident handler and rider. It’s essential you don’t overly grip them with your hands or legs while riding. This often makes them even more explosive.

On the other hand, don’t throw away your contact either! Find a balance where you maintain pressure, but are not pulling or giving them a death grip. Some contact offers encouragement and a sense of security.

Keep them busy: Hot horses tend to get bored and distracted easily. They really enjoy having a job and being put to work. So, keep your sensitive horse focused on you and your aids. Some ideas include transitions, different shapes, ground poles, and various obstacles.

Once you figured out a system that works, these horses put their entire body and mind into the exercises. You’ll have an amazing performance horse.

Don’t fight them on everything: It’s really important that you work WITH a hot horse, rather than try to control or dominate them. Learn to pick your battles carefully! Sometimes, it may be better to let minor troubles go. Focus on your main objective and work together.

You may be pleasantly surprised with the abilities of your hot horse. It will take some patience and mutual understanding before you get there, but in time your bond will be golden!

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